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About Us

Our century-old family farm at the edge of Sparta, WI has celebrated many memorable occasions (including several weddings) and we are thankful to share this special place with you and your families by transforming it into an event barn that can be enjoyed by all. Our focus is to create an experience that will be cherished and talked about long after the special day has passed. Each occasion is personal to us as if it was our own. We take pride in sharing our farm's historical value with the public. Once you have had your event with us, you become part of the farm's history and therefore, part of our family. We hope you will consider us for your wedding venue or event location for any celebration you are planning.

A Scenic View

Our two barns have been connected with a 1200 square-foot mezzanine overlooking a beautiful countryside and a custom pond to embrace the beauty of the surroundings. This addition creates a unique experience and a versatile venue to fit any wedding or special occasion. This scenic bridge allows us to connect our inclusive seating area of 250 people with an additional 100 together on one level. Each guest will enjoy their time and the picturesque views of the breathtaking valley and pond during the event. It's truly a one of a kind wedding venue view that other event barns in the area can not offer.

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Century Old Heritage

Heritage runs deep in the history of the Schauf Family Farm. Court documents from 1860 show that an 80-acre parcel was "gifted" to Sheldon Brennan, a Virginian Militiaman from the War of 1812 by then President James Buchanan. The following year, President Abraham Lincoln "gifted" 120 acres to Daniel King, a New York Militiaman from the War of 1812. Proudly, these parcels are still part of the centennial farmstead that is now part of Country Reflections.

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