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Heritage runs deep in the history of the Schauf Family Farm. Court documents from 1860 show that an 80-acre parcel was "gifted" to Sheldon Brennan, a Virginian Militiaman from the War of 1812 by then President James Buchanan. The following year, President Abraham Lincoln "gifted" 120 acres to Daniel King, a New York Militiaman from the War of 1812. Proudly, these parcels are still part of the centennial farmstead that is now part of Country Reflections.


Fast forward to 1908 when Mathias Schauf (Greg Schauf's great grandfather) purchased the West Beaver Creek farmstead
located 4 miles north of Sparta, Wisconsin from Walter Williams.  Although Mathias and his wife, Frances had been farming in the Ithaca, WI area for 20 years they wanted a better Catholic education for their children.  After moving to Sparta to work the
250-acre farmstead, they became faithful members of St. Patrick's Catholic Church where they celebrated their 
Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1938.


After the passing of Mathias and Frances (who died 11 days apart) in 1943, Otto and Beth Schauf purchased the family farm. They continued working the farmstead while raising their family on the farm until 1958 when Otto developed health problems.  Out of obligation, their oldest son, Richard (Dick) Schauf returned from college to carry on the heritage of the family farm.


Dick and Carol Schauf were married in 1960 and purchased the farm in 1964 where they raised their 5 children.  Through the years, in an effort to expand the Schauf farm, Dick purchased 4 additional farms expanding the total acreage to 515 with 250 tillable
acres and enrolling the remaining land into the American Tree Farmers program for preservation.

Included in the 515 acres are fishing ponds that were originally built for Otto Schauf.  Otto could no longer work due to his failing health so the ponds became a place where he could enjoy his love of fishing.  A close family friend, Father Robert (Bob) Hegenbarth became the caretaker of this special area, building a miniature grotto followed by a home where he lived after retiring from the priesthood.  In gratitude to the Schauf Family, Father Bob donated the statue of Jesus that sits on the side of the hill overlooking
the valley and the farm.  Father Bob passed away in 2021 but his memory is always present each time we look up at the hillside.


In 1981, Schauf Farms became incorporated when Greg Schauf, Dick and Carol's oldest son joined them to work the farm.
For the next 30 years, they continued to work and grow the farm together into one of the most successful dairy farm enterprises throughout Wisconsin; 
gaining many accolades along the way.


On March 15, 2011, an era ended when the difficult decision was made to retire.  The herd was auctioned off and several pieces of equipment were sold; ending generations of farming.  As the focus shifted to how to continue on with the Schauf farm heritage, an LLC was formed in 2014 with Greg Schauf (President) and his four siblings.  


Greg started Country Reflections in 2017 with the vision to share a piece of our historical heritage with each of you.  Just as our ancestors paved the way for our future, our hope is that you leave Country Reflections with a little piece of that heritage to
help "pave the way" for yours

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